Nearly all of us must have an old box of toys that we, or our children used to play with. We may not think about this box other than wondering how to get rid of it or how it takes up so much space in our storage areas. Some of us might even throw it away without another thought but, an idea which has probably never entered our heads are toy donation.

Toy Donations that Bless Others Start with Us

Many of us are used to donating different items from our home so why not toys, which can easily find new homes owing to their demand. Compared to letting the toys rot away in your home or worse, rot away in a dump, here’s why donating them is a much better option.

Most Toys Cannot be Recycled 

Many toys are made up of plastic, which makes it difficult for them to be recycled easily. Furthermore, toys such as Legos are tiny pieces owing to which they cannot be recycled and so will just end up in a dump, being of absolutely no use to anyone.

In this day and age, when the amount of plastic waste has reached epic proportions, it is a much better option to pass on used toys to new homes, where they can be played with for generations to come, instead of just adding to the waste which is already destroying our planet.

Bringing Happiness to Others 

Toys are so important to childhood, providing creativity, inspiration, laughter, and sometimes even “a friend” to talk to. While many people have “too many toys” it’s also true that there are so many children who lack toys that can inspire them since they are expensive. Through your toy donation, you will play an active part in brightening up someone’s life.

Clearing Up Space

Most of us have a tendency to hold on to things much longer than we really should, and end up tripping over things no longer used. It’s harder to anticipate how nice and tidy things will look when we get rid of things that aren’t necessary. By identifying those things and making decisions on them, it’s possible to free up more living space, or storage space. Did you know that nearly $40 billion is spent in storage costs in the US every year! A survey of storage facilities revealed that a large percentage of people storing items pay far more in storage fees than they could sell the contents for. Keep what is small and sentimental…take photos of…then donate or sell the rest.


Even if the toys you aren’t using are are taking up too much space in your home, they could be put in the hands of children that will cherish them. Recycle Upcycle Reuse LEGO

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