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Whether you are moving, doing spring cleaning, sending kids off to college, or just doing home organization, you may wonder how to get rid of junk (or usefuly things) easily and be a bit ecofriendly at the same time. Every day can be Earth Day. Here are some useful resources for what you can do with many hard to recycle items — things like Legos, plastic bags, DVDs, packing material, and more. Email us to let us know more tips too. You’ll soon realize that it is fun and easy to Go Green.


LEGO pieces cannot technically be recycled for many reasons but they can be reused for generations! Just donate to Brick Recycler. No need to sort, clean, built, or disassemble. Good regular sized bricks/pieces, minifigures, Technic, and Lego Mindstorm all are accepted. Pokemon cards are now accepted too, but not other items. Donations of LEGO manuals are fine as well if you want.

Many thrift shops and charities will not accept mixed up sets or loose bulk LEGO bricks, but over 10 million pieces like these have been repurposed by Brick Recycler. Don’t put LEGO pieces in your recycling bins since the recycling centers have to sort them out, then dump in the landfill, since they can’t recycle them. Pass on the love of LEGO so others can replay. Up-cycling by reuse is great. Some make creative artwork out of Lego and other plastic pieces.

Upcycle plastics
send LEGOs to Brick Recycler

Donate Cars

There are countless organizations that accept cars as donations. Simply Google “donate cars” to find a good organization close to you. Many places take junk, non-running cars, as well as perfectly good ones.

BR donate car

Ink Jet and Laser Printer Cartridges

Office Depot and Staples

CDs and DVDs

Packaging Materials:

Donate packaging materials to your local shipping company, like the following. Call first to see what they accept locally:

  • Pak Mail (Packing materials bubble wrap, wooden pallets and loose fill)
  • Postal Annex (bubble wrap)
  • UPS Store (800) 789-4623 (air pillows, bubble wrap)
  • Plastic Loose Fill Council
  • Peanut Hotline (800) 828-2214
  • GreenCitizen https://greencitizen.com/free-electronics-recycling-drop-off/

Brita Filters:

Some Whole Foods Markets recycle Brita Filters and even cans and bottles. Just call and ask if they accept these in the store at the Customer Service counter.

Waste Glass:

There are many organizations that recycle waste glass. Look for a local recycling center close to you. Most curbside centers don’t accept broken glass and ask you to put these in the trash.

Plastic Bags:

One trillion plastic bags are disposed of each year. Try to use a reusable bag when possible, but if you end up with lots of plastic bags, just take to your local grocery store if they offer this service. Many have a box for these by the entrance. Or try:

Wire and Plastic Hangers:

Some thrift shops can often use these if in good condition. Goodwill and Salvation Army donation centers may not, but dry cleaners usually accept the metal hangers to reuse so they don’t have to buy as many new ones.

Plastic Nursery Pots

A lot of nurseries will gladly take back these rigid plastic containers.

Ammunition, Guns, and Explosive Stuff:

Yikes, don’t dump these in the trash, and most recycling centers are not fond of these items. Call your local police to find drop off locations. Don’t try to sell these unless you know the rules. In some states, like California, all private person ammo transactions need to go through a licensed FFL per some state requirements so a background check can be performed.


Libraries will take these and resell if they don’t need them, thrift shops, and even used book buyers. Check Yelp.com to locate these in your area.

BR donation books box


Prescribed drugs can be taken to Costco for free disposal, but they need to expired or not used. Don’t dump these in the toilet or sink (or they will enter the water cycle). Some fire stations also accept these.


BR pill recycle disposal locations pharmaceuticals

Electronic Waste:

Check Yelp.com. Search for E-Waste. Your city probably takes these too. Don’t dump in the trash. In addition to your local city, that might have e-waste drop off areas, Best Buy is a great place to drop off your e-waste for free. GreenCitizen in Burlingame, CA https://greencitizen.com/free-electronics-recycling-drop-off/ takes this too. Check them out! Many cell phone companies accept used cell phones and can even pay you (a tiny amount). If you are up for a contract renewal cell phone companies often offer you far more than your phone is worth to lock you into another contract (nice to get this bonus). You can also sell cell phones on Gazelle.com or eBay.


Furniture & Clothing:

Goodwill and Salvation Army are generally good go-to places to get rid of these items by dropping off them off, but furniture may be tricky since they may not collect during poor weather, or may be picky about condition.

BR Ewaste

Tips to Declutter your home!

Here is a website with some great tips to help you declutter your home! You can hire a professional home organizer or do it yourself. Having more open space frees up so much mental energy! Letting go of unused things may come naturally to some, but most really struggle to get rid of things that they know has some value, even if they know they probably will never use them.

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