From Phoenix to Winslow, Arizona is donating used LEGO bricks by the thousands. LEGO is the most loved toy all across the US. With its colorful blocks and endless possibilities, it is no wonder that children of all ages enjoy playing with this toy. If you have stored old Lego sets in your home, then it’s time to turn those bricks into something amazing! You can reuse them to recreate nearly anything you mind can think of, or if you are done, you can donate them and bring joy to other children in need.

The best place to send your used or new pieces or sets is Brick Recycler, where your beloved toys will be sent to where they will be cherished once again.

We match up these great pieces with the specific type of needs we find (e.g. brand new sealed sets for hospitals, Technic or robotic pieces for STEM programs, etc.). One really trick is simply providing the right quantity of the right pieces, since every need has preferences a “max capacity.”

Happy recipients of Lego donation
lego bricks donations
Lego Cactus Jack
Arizona State

Arizona State

These are the top cities in Arizona for Lego donations:

  1. Phoenix
  2. Chandler
  3. Tucson
  4. Scottdale
  5. Mesa
  6. Gilbert
  7. Tempe
  8. Glendale
  9. Peoria
  10. Surprise
  11. Winslow

    These cities have made a significant impact in helping the environment and their continuous support has helped many children experience the joy of playing with LEGO. Whether new or old, donations of all kinds are welcome and appreciated.

    How To Get Involved?

    Arizonans are especially generous when it comes to Lego donations, sparking joy far and wide. Your LEGO pieces can help create brighter futures for countless children. Here’s the easy process: Gather your bricks – round up all those dusty sets and loose pieces. Then, visit Brick Recycler’s website. They’ll have all the details on how to package and ship your donation. The process is super fun. Those unwanted bricks are sent off to new homes, sparking creativity throughout the US and even in third-world countries. This also helps declutter the environment, making your home a cleaner place.

    LEGO pieces
    The Joy Of Donating Legos

    The Joy Of Donating Legos

    The best part? Your children will benefit from their donation beyond measure. Brickrecycler provides these repurposed LEGO sets to schools, libraries, and other educational organizations in need. This means that not only are you helping other children experience the joy of playing with LEGO, but you are also supporting STEM education and promoting creativity and imagination among young minds.

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