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Got a pile of old Legos gathering dust? Don’t toss them in the garbage or even recycling bin. There’s a more eco-friendly way to get rid of those bricks in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and nationwide. Brick Recycler breathes new life into those plastic pieces. By donating, you’re reducing waste and supporting some wonderful causes. Simply go to for simple instructions and shipping labels. 

Want to know how it works and where your old Legos could end up? Keep reading!

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Lego Donation Benefits

Brick Recycler takes in Lego donations of all shapes and sizes. Donations are sorted and matched up with needs by type (bulk, sets, theme, etc). Here are just a few examples:

  • Organizations helping the developmentally disadvantaged, providing them with a fun and educational toy.
  • STEM programs, fueling creativity and innovation in the next generation of scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.
  • For Lego enthusiasts making their own brand new creations, an even for a recent short film!
  • Adults and children on organ donor transplant lists. Brick Recycler partners with hospitals to provide new sets to these patients, offering a welcome distraction and a chance to relax and rebuild.
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New York State

New Yorkers have big hearts, and that extends to their Lego bricks! From bustling cities to charming towns, these places in New York State stand out for their generosity:

  • New York City: The city that never sleeps also never stops giving! NYC residents regularly donate, fueling creativity across the region.
  • Hempstead Town: This Long Island hub isn’t just about beaches—they make a splash when it comes to Lego donations too.
  • Buffalo: This upstate city isn’t just about wings and snow. They’ve got a warm spot for helping others through Lego donations.
  • Many other large and small cities in NY, including: North Hempstead & Babylon Town, Rochester City, Yonkers,Brookhaven, Oyster Bay, Islip, White Planes, Union, Troy, and Clarkstown.
Lego bricks! From bustling cities

New Jersey

Although New Jersey has a good recycling rate, a significant portion of its waste still ends up in landfills, contributing to environmental concerns. Like most states, New Jersey generates quite a bit of trash – around 10 million tons annually, enough to fill a line of garbage trucks stretching all the way to California.

When it comes to LEGO donations, NJ is a really strong contributor to reduce waste and creating a sustainable future, and spread joy at the same time:

    • Newark: This bustling city sets the pace for sharing the joy of Lego. Donations from Newark help brighten lives across the state and across the US.
    • Jersey City: With its vibrant community spirit, Jersey City consistently delivers when it comes to generosity.
    • Elizabeth: A diverse and generous city, Elizabeth residents step up to make sure sets and loose pieces land in the right hands instead of the landfill.
    • Toms River: Known for its summer fun, Toms River keeps the giving spirit going all year round with Lego donations.
    • Trenton: With a population of over 90,000, Trenton is a prime example of how even small cities can make a big impact through Lego recycling.
    • Hamilton Township, Trenton, Clifton, Edison, Paterson, East Orange, Lakewood, Edison & Woodbridge, Middletown, Vineland, and more.
    New Jersey lego recycling


    Connecticut hosts the least buried trash per person. That’s amazing, but it’s also 8.7 tons per resident, so there is even room for more ecology. Thankfully, there is a number of cities mentioned below in Connecticut are doing their part to reduce that number and help create a greener future through Lego donations:

    • Bridgeport: As the most populous city in Connecticut, Bridgeport is leading the way with its generous Lego donations.
    • New Haven: This vibrant college town also has a vibrant giving spirit, contributing to the success of Lego recycling programs.
    • Hartford, Stamford, Bristol, Stratford, Manchester, and Southington
    Connecticut lego recycling
    Connecticut lego recycling

    How Brick Recycler is Making a Difference

    Did you know LEGO churns out over 60 billion bricks each year? That’s 100,000 tons of plastic! Without efforts to recycle, it could really mess up our environment. Also, think about the huge carbon footprint from making all that plastic – it’s not doing our climate any favors. That’s why it’s really impactful to recycle as many bricks as you can, and that’s where Brick Recycler comes into play, a dedicated organization seeking to repurpose the world’s most popular toy! Here are just a few photos from recent donations from New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey.


    LEGO churns
    LEGO churns

    NY, CT, & NJ Recycling Program Links

    Here are a few local links to recycling and sanitation if you have questions about how to recycle other materials.

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