Kids can “replay” with perfectly great used Lego pieces thanks to your donation.

Florida has beaches, theme parks, great institutes, and an overall wonderful literacy rate, but what it also has is a generous heart. Recently, Florida made headlines for its incredible gesture of donating Lego sets to Brick Recycler. And obviously, you might be thinking, “Why would Floridians even want to donate Lego sets?”

The answer is pretty straightforward. Residents of Florida have shown that they cherish these pieces so much they want them to be used again and again. Some save their pieces for their kids or grandkids, and then pass them along, and others realize by the time their grandkids will be born and old enough to play with Legos, there will be newer, cooler sets available.

Brick Recycler collects used or unwanted Lego sets, organizes them based on need, then passes them on to kids in hospitals, schools, and other places. Or, in simpler terms, they’re like the superheroes of the Lego world who make sure no Lego brick is ever forgotten or unloved.

Don't simply get rid of LEGO. Donate.
Florida's Lego Donations are Amazing
Donate LEGOs to Brick Recycler to get rid of used pieces instead of resell
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Why Does Florida’s Donation Matter?

Floridian’s gift of Lego pieces is more than simple donations; it’s a show of overwhelming support that changes the lives of many children and educational institutions. By studying statistics and conducting surveys, psychologists have shown how impactful playing with building blocks, for instance, Lego, is for the children’s creativity, problem-solving, and spatial skills. Brick Recycler has passed on over a million Lego pieces!

It’s not just parents and grandparents that have been so generous, many teens have shown leadership skills by setting up local Lego drives and sending many pounds of pieces to Brick Recycler. 

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    Florida's Waste Stats

    Florida’s Waste Stats

    Did you know that in 2022, Florida generated over 50 million tons of trash? Yikes! While Lego bricks are a small part of that, a donation gives them a chance to be reused instead of languishing in a landfill. It’s a win-win – sparking smiles and helping the environment.

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    Donation of Lego pieces.

    Easiest way to Donate to Brick Recycler

    Ready to turn your bricks into something amazing? Here’s the packing playbook:

    • Bag it Up: Put Lego bricks and pieces in plastic bags. No need to clean or sort.If you happen to have complete sets, you can put each in its own separate plastic bag, then even you could write “complete” on them, but this is not needed.
    • Be a Boxer: Put the bags in a sturdy cardboard box. Consolidate, since shipping two 5 lb boxes costs the same as one 30 lb box, so keep that in mind! Keep the max at 50 lbs per box if you have a whole bunch. If you have a pretty large box try to cut the corners and fold the flaps over if there is empty space.
    • Seal & Send: Visit Brick Recycler’s website for easy shipping instructions and send your LEGO to Brick Recycler. If you are local to Sarasota, email us for a local drop off spot too.