Beyond Legoland: Southern California Has a Big Heart for Lego Donations

SoCal is a land of sunshine, sprawling cities, and … surprisingly, a whole lot of Lego love! From Los Angeles to San Diego, Southern Californians aren’t just building amazing Lego creations, they’re also giving those bricks a second life through donation.  Here’s a look at how the region is making big moves in the world of donating Lego bricks and sets.

Donate LEGO to recycle and reuse

The Power of Play

What makes Lego such a beloved toy? In addition to its endless possibilities for creative building, it also promotes important skills like problem-solving, spatial awareness, and fine motor development. These benefits are not only recognized by parents and educators but also by organizations that focus on bringing play to children in need.

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Top SoCal Donation Cities

Top SoCal Donations

SoCal is pretty big as a whole with over 26 million people calling it home, and there are some standout cities that go above and beyond when it comes to Lego donations. We just got a donation from San Diego from someone who created their very own mini Lego Drive.

Here are some other cities proving many bricks can make a big impact since Brick Recycler got a huge donation from the following cities:

Los Angeles, Long Beach, Canoga Park, Mission Viejo, Costa Mesa, Ontario, Glendale, Long Beach, Anaheim, Moreno Valley, Chula Vista, Santa Clarita, Huntington Beach, Lancaster, Fullerton, Pasadena, Temecula, and Hemet. 


    San Diego California Lego Drive Community Service Project
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    Where Do Donations Go?

    When you send your LEGO to Brickrecycler,  your donations help brighten the lives of children in schools, hospitals, homeless shelters, and other underserved communities.

    • Schools: Many schools in Southern California have limited resources for extracurricular activities. With Lego donations, teachers are able to incorporate play and creativity into their curriculum, giving students a chance to learn and have fun at the same time.
    • Children’s Hospitals: Lego play provides a welcome distraction and a sense of normalcy for hospitalized kids. Many hospitals in Southern California have dedicated playrooms and activities for their young patients, and Lego donations make a significant contribution to these efforts.
    • Homeless Shelters: Life can be tough for families living in homeless shelters, especially for children who may not have many toys to play with. Lego donations help bring some joy and entertainment to these families during difficult times.

    The SoCal Waste Factor

    California is facing a waste crisis, with landfills filling up fast. Think about how many unwanted Lego sets end up in the trash each year. But by donating, you’re helping keep those colorful bricks out of landfills and giving them a new life.

    Did You Know

    Did You Know?

    Over 3.7 billion pounds of Lego bricks have been produced. The donation ensures your bricks continue to be used instead of becoming collecting dust, or ending in the dump.


    Get Involved! It’s Easier Than You Think

    Ready to make a difference? Here’s how to get your Lego donation started:

    1. Gather Your Bricks: Dig out those old sets and loose bricks. A quick cleaning is helpful but not essential.
    2. Visit Brick Recycler: They’ve got all the instructions on how to ship your donation.
    3. Be a Donation Champion: Spread the word! Encourage Lego drives at schools, workplaces, or within your community.

      Make Your Mark, Brick by Brick

      Hey Southern California, celebrate since your Lego donations are spreading joy, sparking creativity, and building brighter futures. With each donated piece, you’re not just decluttering, you’re making a real difference in others’ lives!

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