Everyone near and far: Donate your unwanted, but wonderful, LEGO toys! Are Legos recyclable? No, but the world’s most popular toy has a universal appeal for boys and girls around the world and LEGO toy donation is the answer, and Brick Recycler has created a solution. In fact, we have shipped thousands of pounds to those who are loving and cherishing these inspiring toys. We shipped hundreds of pounds to Haiti, Honduras, and Mexico recently. Seeing the look on their faces is precious.

BrickRecycler.com also donated countless boxes of mixed LEGO bricks to several foster child organizations, as well as to many libraries trying to get new programs off the ground. Some were even used in a short film!

Your pieces can have “multiple lives” of ahead of them, since they essentially never decompose. That is really awesome for “reuse” but not so good if they accidentally end up in curbside recycling bins, and are then sorted out and put in the landfill.

So, the Question is: What to do with old Legos?

At times, it is difficult to find places to donate toys. We often search for things like “toy donations near me” but end up with irrelevant search results. If you want to donate LEGOs, simply send them to BrickRecycler.com (We accept new and old Lego sets toy donations) and we will match your pieces up with those who have specific needs and at just the right time. These pieces are amazingly durable. Simple Lego packing tips can be found here. Please connect with us on social media (below), and share the vision. If somehow everyone found a way to tell two friends, it wouldn’t be long before everyone finds out!

If you are a non profit 501© corporation, and you need LEGOs or are doing a LEGO drive/LEGO charity, contact us as well.

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