“Where do I donate Legos, how do I pack sets & pieces for donation?”

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Easy Lego Donation

Packing tips, just in case you have more questions

  1. Put in plastic bag(s).
    Put Lego bricks and pieces in plastic bags (to prevent spilling if the box rips) and tie the bags (regular plastic bags or Zip-locks are fine, too).
  1. Put the bags in a sturdy cardboard box.
    Try to fit all in a single box (or a few heavy packing boxes if needed) to save on shipping. Shipping two 5 lb boxes costs the same as one 30 lb box. Don’t go over 50.0 lbs per box.
  1. Cut box down if much too large.
    If you have a very large box, it’s good to avoid a lot of empty space to save on shipping since carriers charge by volume as well as weight. It’s okay to have some empty space, but very heavy boxes stay in shape better if they are packed full (with Lego or some packing materials).
  1. Print easy shipping label.
    We get a discounted rate with UPS. You can contribute some towards shipping (or simply donate some $ to help defray others’ shipping costs) by clicking HERE after you know the weight and dimensions. Suggested amount is just $20/box. We often offer free shipping too.
  1. Let others know about this great service through FaceBook, NextDoor, etc. Don’t mention the mailing address since it may change next year, but linking to our website https://brickrecycler.com/ is perfect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Donate Lego near me? Meet locally?

We can meet you in the Mountain View area if you want to drop off locally. Simply email us dates/times that work for you (email address is at the bottom of the page) and we’ll set up a time and location that works for you (weekdays, weekends, days, or early evenings). If you aren’t in the SF Bay Area (or even if you are) it’s really simple to just box and send in your donation.

Complete or incomplete sets?

No need to break down unless you want if helps you save space in the box. If you happen to have complete used sets, you can put each in their own separate plastic bag, and write “complete” on them. Don’t worry about trying to make a set complete if it isn’t already or trying to keep it all in tack. We have a lot of needs for unopened sets too.

Where to get boxes

Home Depot and Lowes sell good “heavy duty” boxes. Their 12″x12″x16″ Small Box holds about 22 lbs, and their 18″x18″x16″ Medium Box size holds up to about 50 lbs. UPS and FedEx have great shipping boxes too, so you can even bring your bags of Legos there and have them make a box for you. If you have other boxes you are getting rid of, that’s great too. Consolidating into fewer boxes is very helpful instead of sending multiple boxes weighing just 15 lbs. Cheapest shipping rates are for boxes 25 lbs to 50 lbs (but not above 50.0 lbs).


We sometimes use the larger sized manuals (for big sets) and also use manuals for complete sets, but if you aren’t sending complete sets, don’t worry about sending in the manuals since they are heavy.

Yep, no washing needed.

That’s right. Washing is okay, but since it takes a while for used Lego pieces to dry, it’s easiest to simply send them in.

No broken, very dirty, or non Lego.

We can use Pokemon cards, but we can’t use any other non Lego products, not even Megablok, KNEX, etc. Lightly dusty pieces are fine, but broken or heavily soiled pieces can’t be used, so is helpful if you get rid of some of these from your donation to make our sorting easier.

Yes Duplo

Yes, we can take Lego brand Duplo (these are the larger size pieces for young kids).

Yes. Hero Factory, BIONICLE, Technic, LEGO EV.

Yes, beside the regular (System) type of Lego pieces, these are all great, whether built, partially built, or completely disassembled. We have needs for many STEM programs for these pieces.