LEGO Donation Time

Boys and girls, it’s time for a Lego Drive! Help Brick Recycler send millions of Lego pieces and sets kids around the world.

Creative geniuses can make anything out of the world’s most wonderful toy; from space ships and trucks, even furniture or gadgets for your room.

Whether it’s a custom art or rectangular picture frame project, or even jewelry, the sky is the limit when you “up cycle” these plastic bricks.Millions of children long for the chance to express their creativity using LEGO pieces but just don’t have them. Many times it’s because they are so expensive, it’s out of reach.

At the same time, there are so many households that have far too many Lego pieces, and don’t how to get rid of them. They just need to find out about our service. 

Spread happiness by sharing your toys

Lego blocks cannot technically be “recycled,” but can be donated and reused for multiple generations. Instead of storing these pieces under your bed, waiting for a rainy day, give them a new life by letting others enjoy them.

Many fantastic kids have started their own community service project by collecting and sending pieces to Brick Recycler! This not only fulfills community service requirements, but also provide a fun creative project that teens can manage on their own, which creates a strong foundation of leadership. Parents have told us their teens have loved this, and grew in confidence through it.

Many thanks go out to Isaiah, Shannon, Jack, Charlie, Taylor, Ava, Jeff, Elan and others for showing what it’s like to be a leader and encourager!

A “LEGO drive” is a fun and easy community service project that individuals, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire Girls, schools, teens, clubs, and even church groups can do. We even provide free shipping labels for shipment from any state in the US (except Hawaii and Alaska).

What are the benefits?

LEGO makes some of the most popular, durable, and timeless toys in existence. Unfortunately, many of the 60 billion pieces that are produced each year, spend much of their lives in storage bins or end up in the landfill. LEGO pieces can’t be recycled, but can be reused, and can bring so much joy to others. These pieces are nearly indestructible and can be reused forever. Okay, someone found the limits is about 33,112 times, but that’s almost forever.

Brick Recycler accepts donations shipped to us, or even dropped off locally.  There are countless great organizations we’ve shipped to worldwide. We’ve actually received donations from all 50 states:

How Can I do a LEGO Drive?

Are you interested in doing a LEGO Drive? You can download the following document, and edit it, telling people where to drop off the Legos. Some even print flyers for parents to take to their workplace or even put a box at their workplace for people to drop off the pieces. Others post on their social media account, or send to mom’s group emails, or post on

There are many images (and stories) on our website you can reference too. Our Press page has some images also. When you are done collecting you can simply send them to us, and we’ll provide prepaid shipping labels.

Teens that have done these drives said it is really fun, and the donors are so happy to find a place for these wonderful toys that are “too special to just throw away.”  You can spread joy while saving the planet at the same time!” Pretty cool!

Check out our recent nationwide Press Release about this. Maybe you and your drive will be featured in your newspaper! You can drop them a note with a “news story tip” and they might pick it up. There are a few FAQs on the bottom of our Packing Tips page.

There are examples of where these Lego pieces end up on our Home Page. We get so many requests ranging from hospitals with people on heart transplant lists, who need some encouragement, to children at Title 1 schools with no money, to missionaries in third world countries trying to bring more joy to kids at orphanages.

Inspiring Story

Way to go Taylor! Taylor collected about 200 lbs of Legos for his “Build a Better Future” Lego drive. That’s over 65,000 pieces that will be loved and cherished once again! He is even planning another Lego drive. Our future generations are in great hands with leaders like Taylor! Congratulate him by sharing these stories with others.

Another amazing teen is Elan, who asked guests at his Bar Mitzvah to bring LEGO pieces instead of gifts, and he donated them to Brick Recycler and they sent to many really great organizations that serve kids that can’t otherwise afford these wonderful pieces.

Spread the word. Pass LEGO bricks on by giving them to Brick Recycler!

LEGO Donation: Elan organized a Lego drive for his Bar Mitzvah