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Here is a recent donation of used pieces that were sold to buy new sets for this program.

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Build Your Journey is a brand new program that is the dream of Donald, a young leukemia patient who just beat leukemia! From first hand experience, he knows how how traumatic it is for kids to go through treatments necessary to fight this cancer.

“Build Your Journey”, has just been accepted as an official program by Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. This program will be distributing brand new LEGOs to leukemia patients, to encourage them, and help them mark their journey, in their brave fight against leukemia.

BrickRecycler.com reuses countless LEGO pieces, spreading joy in the US and internationally. However, leukemia patients can’t receive used items due to a weakened immune system. The good news is BrickRecycler.com is able to collect used LEGO pieces, and sell them to buy many brand new sets to support this great cause. There are so many creative ways to share the love of LEGO. We are amazed at all the creative uses of this toy that lasts forever.

If you would like to participate, please send BrickRecycler.com your used LEGO pieces, and include a note in the box, indicating you want to help benefit the wonderful “Build Your Journey” program.

You can do even more, by simply telling others about this. This is a great “community service project” for kids too! So many are wondering “What should I do with my used Legos?” and you can give them a solution!

Support these precious children, giving them hope and encouragement. Show Donald that dreams do come true!

Thanks for helping “Build Your Journey” with your LEGO donations that will “turn into new sets” to support leukemia patients at Children’s Mercy Hospital. If you don’t have used Legos to donate to Brick Recycler, and want to buy some very small new sets, we’ve provided some links of sets that are popular or are on sale at Amazon.com as possibilities. New sets can be sent directly to Build Your Journey. See email at bottom for mailing info just for new sets.

The following are some highly rated LEGO products and some great sale items on Amazon. Many are on clearance or are the latest newest sets. With potentially free shipping, and excellent prices, Amazon often has the best sale prices and deals. We will be updating this page with other great deals we find!

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