Idaho is a Haven for Lego Lovers and Eco-Warriors

Idaho, a state known for its lush landscapes and vibrant cities like Boise and Meridian, is also a paradise for those passionate about sustainability and community service. It’s a place where the spirit of “reduce, reuse, recycle” isn’t just a slogan but a way of life, especially when it comes to unique items like Legos. Brick Recycler is dedicated to collecting gently-used Legos from all across the US including Idaho and redistributing them to children in need. This initiative makes sure all the Lego pieces are rescued by these amazing kids.

Best thing to do with used or new Legos. We send to donations for schools orphanages hospitals etc.
Donate LEGOs to Brick Recycler to get rid of used pieces instead of resell

Idaho State

Idaho is home to many generous Lego donors who are passionate about sending over their used Lego pieces to Brick Recycler. Many wonderful mixed pieces and sets have come from:

  • Boise City
  • Meridian
  • Nampa
  • Idaho Falls
  • Caldwell
  • Pocatello
  • Coeur d’Alene
  • Post Falls
  • Rexburg
  • Moscow, Kuna, Eagle, Twin Falls, Jerome, Star, and Ammon
Idaho State
Encourge to Lego donation

Why Legos?

You might wonder why there’s such a focus on Legos. These plastic bricks are more than just toys; they’re pieces of potential. By encouraging the community to send their Lego to Brick Recycler, Idahoans are taking a stand against waste and promoting the ethos of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” It’s a hands-on way for the younger generation to contribute to ecological conservation while engaging in a fun and meaningful activity. Plus, it’s aligned with global events like Earth Day, highlighting Idaho’s commitment to preserving our planet.

Unite and Recycle – The Lego Initiative

In these thriving cities, the push towards sustainability has taken a creative turn with the initiative to donate, recycle, and repurpose Legos. Yes, those tiny bricks that have fueled countless hours of creativity and play are now at the forefront of eco-projects in Idaho. The concept is simple yet impactful. Residents are encouraged to declutter their homes and donate Legos to programs like Brick Recycler.

This initiative isn’t just about spring cleaning; it’s about giving these beloved toys a second life while supporting eco-friendly practices.

Want to help more? You can simply post a link to  on social media or pass the word about our mission to your friends. Many have left great reviews on Yelp and Google as well.


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