Lego Donation

Brick Recycler is doing God’s work in not one but two ways – for the Earth and the people that call it home. People often ask us what drives us as an organization to do what we do and our answer is simple: The smiles we put on countless faces and the positive impact we leave on the environment! The precious little thank you notes that we receive from all the children, schools, and other organizations that we Donate LEGOs continue to warm our hearts. We also receive many notes of gratitude from donors themselves, expressing how meaningful the Legos were to their family, and how happy they are that they can be passed along to others, since they are no longer playing with them, and didn’t know what to do with them.

Haiti Wally

Our primary goal is to promote the spirit of donating across the globe and establish a culture of giving by focusing on LEGO toys which can’t be recycled in the traditional sense, and are non-decomposable in nature. Brick Recycler is not only working towards preserving the natural environment for the generations to come but also in raising awareness regarding the unprivileged children who deserve the blessings that we take for granted on a daily basis.

We have collected pictures of just a few of motivating notes we have received, and some priceless pictures of adorable children playing with our donated LEGO bricks. Just remember: you too can play a role in increasing these smiles with Brick Recycler, whether you donate, or simply spread the news!

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