No need to wait for Spring Cleaning or Earth Day, or creating a New Year’s Resolution. You reclaim your home from excess toys today. Any home with children is bound to have toys and more toys. When you are a kid you can’t even image it’s possible to have “too many toys.” But the truth is children get bored quickly, and as they grow older, the things that entertain naturally change as well. Where does this leave the older toys in your home? For most they sit around too long just taking extra space in your kids rooms, detracting rather than enhancing the feeling of the rooms.

The best solution to this problem is to find toys that are still being enjoyed, and make room for them (and future toys), then donate the rest. This is not only great for your sanity, but it’s a real healthy model to share with your children. You can teach valuable life skills and values like: organization, cleanliness, generosity, ecology, and simple living all at the same time. A charitable gesture not only can build character, it can also clear up space for other more important things. Children learn how to be clean and organized or messy and how to hoard, based on modeling the see in real life. Donating can be a bit tricky some times. Here are some steps to make the process of donating toys easy.

Research when donating toys.

There are numerous places where you could donate your children’s toys. These range from charities to hospitals to daycare centers, and the list goes on. However, you should research a bit to make sure the organization that you will be donating to is legit and can use your items.

LEGO pieces can be a real challenge. Even though these pieces are durable and can be used forever, there are so many thrifts that can’t use incomplete sets and the just get rid of them by dumping them. Brick Recycler was created to solve this specific problem, accepting used mixed up LEGO pieces and sets, and sending them on to new lives. So many charities have benefited from donors to Brick Recycler!

Inspect and wash certain toys. 

When you donate toys, the organization that you will be giving to will not keep any toys that aren’t in good condition. Some things could be washed before donating. Fortunately lightly dusty LEGO pieces don’t need to be washed if mailed in to Brick Recycler. Toys that are broken or too dirty to be passed on will be discarded, thus wasting all your efforts.

Mailing or dropping off 

This is the last step in the process. A few placed actually come to pick up items, but this is mostly for large items or whole households. Many charities offer easy drop offs during certain hours, and others allow you to drop in a box and mail in.

Reward and celebrate! 

Rewarding a good deed is important and well deserved. Some choose to reward with a brand new toy or a yogurt or boba tea treat. Adding a single new toy to your household or a few one time calories is often a great trade off for getting rid of huge piles of unused toys. Other ideas are a simple hiking trip, bike ride to a new place, watching a movie, extra alloted video game time, etc. You know your children the best so it should be easy to think of a simple reward.

Easy Lego Donation
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