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Donate Legos to Brick Recycler. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Giving Lego bricks so children can replay again and again.

Brick Recycle was created to solve the problem so many parents and kids face: “What to do with used Legos that are no longer being used?”  So many Lego sets are sitting on shelves getting dusty, an millions of pounds of random pieces are sitting idly in bins and boxes when they could be enjoyed by the next generation. It doesn’t matter if they are “old themes” or just random pieces — there are many really great organizations asking us if they could get move of these pieces and put them back to work.

Brick Recycler accepts new and used mixed bulk Lego pieces and sets, and now Pokemon cards (but not other toys or offbrands). Simply put them in a box and send them to use and we’ll to the rest. Please help spread the word since so many end up dumping them or dropping them off at a thrift who can’t even make use of them. Pass along the joy of Lego! There is more information on our Home Page too.

Massive LEGO donation for Haiti and beyond

We started Brick Recycler when we found out that many thrift shops can’t resell them, and just dump them into recycling bins. This is really sad since recycling programs aren’t even able to use them. They need to sort the pieces out by machine or by hand, and they dump then dump them in the landfill!

The great news is not only that Lego creates the most popular (and awesome) toys in the world, but they are so durable that they can be used by generation after generation. Most other toys have one life to live, but with Legos, countless generations of children can build with them. It doesn’t matter if sets are complete or not since kids these days can build ANYTHING their mind dreams up with these amazing bricks and pieces.

If you don’t know what to do with your old pieces, which are collecting dust in your attic, or what to do with your previously loved pieces, then BrickRecycler.com can help. You can donate Legos, and we will send them to countless new homes. We enjoy working with great nonprofits that desperately need them, but can’t afford to buy them. We make sure we don’t overwhelm organizations by shipping more than they need by matching what they need and when.

Giving used pieces to great charitable causes is so heart warming. Here are just a few examples of countless one-time requests we have catered to in the past:

  1. Flint Michigan organization helping disadvantaged children exposed to lead.
  2. School psychologist helping kids whose parents are going through some very rough times.
  3. A summer camp held by an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
  4. An architectural design class for high school students.
  5. Many great new and existing Lego clubs.
  6. Orphanages in Honduras.
  7. Peace Corp program in Ecuador.
  8. Props for a stop motion short film.
  9. NXT Robotics Lego for Lesotho in Southern Africa.
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