A Good Cause

Brick Recycler accepts new and used Lego toy donations

BrickRecycler.com specifically accepts new and used mixed bulk Lego pieces and sets (not other toys). Donate your used pieces to help save them from the landfill and let them be used by future generations! Simply put them in a box and send them to use and we’ll to the rest. Please help spread the word since so many end up dumping them or dropping them off at a thrift who can’t even make use of them.
We started Brick Recycler when we found out that many thrift shops, instead of choosing to donate Legos, just dump them into recycling bins (which is really sad), and recycling programs aren’t even able to use them, sorting pieces out by machine or by hand, they dump then dump them in the landfill!

Lego creates the most popular (and awesome) toys in the world, which are so durable that they can be used by generation after generation. Kids thrive on building with them. It doesn’t matter if sets are complete or not since you can build ANYTHING with these amazing bricks and pieces.

If you don’t know what to do with your old pieces, which are collecting dust in your attic, or what to do with your previously loved pieces, then BrickRecycler.com can help. We accept donated Lego pieces and send them to countless new homes. We enjoy working with great nonprofits that desperately need them, but can’t afford to buy them. We make sure we don’t overwhelm organizations by shipping more than they need, because we know every organizations quantity and timing needs vary.

Here are just a few examples of countless one-time requests we have catered to in the past:

  1. Flint Michigan organization helping disadvantaged children exposed to lead.
  2. School psychologist helping kids whose parents are going through some very rough times.
  3. A summer camp held by an orphanage in Zimbabwe.
  4. An architectural design class for high school students.
  5. Many great new and existing Lego clubs.
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