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Donate used or new LEGO pieces! Partially complete or complete sets, or pounds of mixed up bricks. Send LEGOs to Brick Recycler today.  We will put them back in the hands of those who will cherish them all over again!

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For a limited time we are offering free shipping.for Lego brand toys and Pokemon cards. Just click HERE. Please consolidate into fewer number of boxes (10 lbs min and max 50 lbs. per box). 

If you don’t need free shipping you can buy a shipping label for just $20/box since we get a great discount on shipping! You can use this link to buy a label or simply donate any amount to help cover shipping costs for those who can’t afford it. 


Brick Recycler was born out of a passion to:

  • Reduce needless dumping of the world’s greatest toy into landfills.
  • Create smiles from thousands who love to play with Legos.
  • Enable learning, building, and creating art.
  • Educate others on how wonderful it is to share, to play, to learn, and to inspire.
  • Help save the environment one brick at a time.

Unexpected side benefits that resulted:

  • Countless people have reclaimed space in their homes that were occupied by unused (but wonderful) toys.
  • Not only those who receive the pieces are blessed, but the donors also feel joy that their beloved toys will be used again.
  • Many are learning the benefits of “living simply” and being organized.
  • Dozens of motivated teens have started their own Lego drives to send pieces to Brick Recycler.
  • Over 10 million Lego pieces have been saved from landfills.
  • Although we only deal with Legos, we share ways to recycle nearly anything.

Amazing growth of LEGO

As of January 2024, the LEGO Group has produced over 1 trillion wonderful, durable pieces! This is so amazing, and a real testament to how popular and useful these are worldwide. In fact, they still produce over 60 billion new pieces every year!

The side effect of this is, after kids are done playing with Legos, they often sit in bins and boxes for many years, and then…eventually get thrown in the garbage. It takes nearly an eternity for plastics to break down, and it isn’t really all that great for the environment.

What’s even worse is many people drop Legos off at thrift stores that often don’t want them since they aren’t verified complete sets. After extensive calling around, we found many thrifts just dump them in their “recycle.”  Then we called all the major curbside recycling centers in the US and found none of them were able to process Legos. This is due to them being made of ABS and and all sorts of other materials, even electrical components. So, recycling centers then must sort them out, and then throw them in the landfill.

It’s interesting that there are so many people with far more used Lego pieces than they know what to do with, and yet, at the same time, so many that are longing just to have some pieces to create whatever their hearts and minds can dream. We have sent millions of pieces on to new homes. We have given to countless non-profits, orphanages, low-income schools, clubs, etc. 

Not only for kids

It’s not only children that will receive them. We also sometime send to wonderful organizations that cater to adults. Here are just a few examples:

  • Complete sets given to Heart Transplant Social Workers to give to patients in the ICU in the hospital just waiting for a donated heart to become available. They said this helps them greatly, by helping them relive some happier days.

Complete sets and bulk pieces for a non-profit that serves adults with disability, located in Michigan. They primarily work with individuals who have aged out of the school system and are profoundly affected by autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome. Many programs work on developing skills that can help an individual improve relationships, cognitive function, and motor skills.  They recently discovered how beneficial LEGO is to helping individuals perfect their fine motor skills in a purposeful way and provide alternative ways for them to reduce their anxiety in a productive and safe manner.

• Mixed bricks to AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) that build amazing creations using their imagination. Here is just one example of what can be made from loose pieces if have a really creative mind.

lego castle

To the US and beyond:

We mostly send Lego pieces to those in the US, but also love to send internationally whenever possible. We have sent LEGO pieces to Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, Zimbabwe, etc. Here’s a cute video of our donation to an orphanage in Haiti as an example.

brick recycler lego donation

Everyone can help spread smiles:

Even if you don’t have any LEGO pieces to send, you can help so much by spreading the word to others, and actually have an even greater net effect. Please help spread the word about BrickRecycler.com by posting in NextDoor.com, Mom’s Groups, etc. Please refer people to the website for the current address since it could change in a couple years.

Donate Legos. Send them near and far. BrickReycler.com
We’ve received LEGO donations from cities in or near the following, and many, many more.

Albuquerque, New Mexico, Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, Baltimore, Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts,Charlotte, North Carolina,Chicago,Illinois,ColoradoSprings,Colorado,Columbus, Ohio,Dallas, Texas,Denver, Colorado,Detroit, Michigan,El Paso, Texas,Fort Worth, Texas,Fresno, California,Houston, Texas,Indianapolis, Indiana,Jacksonville, Florida,Kansas City, Missouri,Las Vegas, Nevada,Long Beach, California,Los Angeles, California,Louisville, Kentucky,Memphis, Tennessee,Mesa, Arizona,Miami, Florida,Milwaukee, Wisconsin,Nashville, Tennessee,New York, New York,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,Omaha, Nebraska,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,Phoenix, Arizona,Portland, Oregon,Raleigh, NorthCarolina,Sacramento, California,San Antonio, Texas,San Diego, California,San Francisco, California,San Jose, California,Seattle, Washington,Tucson, Arizona,Virginia Beach, Virginia

BickRecycler.com accepts new and used loose LEGO brand bricks, figures, and sets. Simply put them in a bag, then in a box, and ship to us. For any questions contact us at this address.

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