“Where do I donate or recycle Legos near me or somewhere? I need to clean up my son’s room. What do I do with used mixed Lego toys I no longer need nor want to store or step on?”

send LEGOs to Brick Recycler

You have several choices when you no longer use your Lego sets or mixed up Lego pieces.

  1. You can send them to the landfill where they will never completely decompose.
  2. You can donate them to a local thrift, but they might dump them if they can’t sell them because they don’t have the original box or know if they are complete.
  3. You can dump them in your own recycling bin but, the recycling center will have to painstakingly sort out all the pieces since Legos cannot be recycled by any curbside recycling center. They will then dump them in the landfill.

Donate Lego to BrickRecycler

Instead, you can donate Lego to someone who will definitely use them, like BrickRecycler.com. BrickRecycler.com has put millions of Lego pieces in the hands of children who will use them for years.

Put a smile on countless kids’ faces, and send your Legos today. BrickRecycler.com even can pay for postage if you ship them by a ground service from the US for boxes over 15 lbs each.

New and used sets and pieces can be used. Maybe you have one or more of the following super popular sets:

Batman, Superman, Ninjago, City, Super Heroes, Lego Train Sets, Architecture sets like Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge, Space, Friends, Elves, Disney, Pirates, Castle, Monorail, etc! Or perhaps:

Modular Buildings:

Cafe Corner (2007), Market Street (2007), Green Grocer (2008), Fire Brigade (2009), Grand Emporium (2010), Pet Shop (2011), Town Hall (2012), Palace Cinema (2013), Parisian Restaurant (2014), Detective’s Office (2015), Brick Bank (2016), Assembly Square (2017), Downtown Diner (2018).

Or amazing large UCS Sets:

Millenium Falcon (2007), Death Star (2008), Obi Wan’s Jedi Starfight, Imperial Shuttle (2010), Super Star Destroyer (B-Wing (2012), R2-D2 (2012), X-Wing Starfighter (2013), Ewok Village (2013), Sandcrawler (2014), Slave I (2015), TIE Fighter (2015), Assault on Hoth (2016), Death Star (2016), Snowspeeder (2017), Millenium Falcon (2017)

Donate Lego from any part of the country

Whether you are in California, Maine, New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, or any other US state, if you want to donate Lego pieces, we would love to have you ship your Lego pieces to us. We can even help with shipping if required, if you ship by ground. We have even received generous donations from Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, and other countries, even though we can’t afford to pay international shipping. Thank you so much and thanks for spreading the word by mentioning this page on social media or blogs, etc.