Lego Love In The Rockies: Colorado’s Generosity Shines

From Denver to Colorado Springs, Coloradans are proving that even the smallest bricks can make a huge impact. Coloradans are really generous in providing LEGO donations to Brick Recycler. The state is pretty huge with a great number of enthusiasts, and Brick Recycler is already getting an unexpected number of donations. These LEGO pieces are directly sent to hospitals, shelters, schools, and other great places to make sure they are reused. Matching up the needs with the right amount and type of pieces is key.

Have some to send, simply go to BrickRecycler.com? Read on and discover how this gesture of kindness is helping communities across Colorado.

    Donate used and new LEGO sets and bricks to recycle
    Priceless smiles from your LEGO donations

    Why are Legos so popular?

    Today, LEGOs enjoy immense popularity for several reasons, one of them being their attractiveness to children as well as adults. LEGOs are everywhere, and these iconic little bricks provide people with endless opportunities for creativity, which is why they are the perfect source of inspiration. They are not just toys, but a teaching tool that is widely used in schools to provide a first-hand look into engineering and architecture. Furthermore, LEGOs also inspire communication and interaction, and because the little bricks may be used over and over again, they are usually handed down to future generations, becoming a long-term family investment.

      Colorado’s Waste Challenge

      Did you know that Colorado landfills are filling up fast? In 2023 alone, the state generated over 6 million tons of waste. While plastic toys like Lego only make up a small portion of that, it really adds up when you consider the worldwide impact of the 3 million pounds of Legos produced so far.

      Choosing to donate gives these bricks a better future. The main goal of Brick Recycler is to collect LEGO donations from all across the US, and then send them where they are needed the most. There are so many great causes that have been blessed, including programs for at-risk-kids, foster children, and Title 1 low income schools, just to name a few.

      Colorado's Waste Challenge
      Brick Recycler donation Lego

      Top Cities Leading the Way

      Colorado Springs and Denver are two of the top cities in Colorado that have shown immense generosity towards Brick Recycler. These cities have a thriving community of LEGO enthusiasts and have been actively donating to help with the cause. Many other cities have had significant LEGO donations, including;

      Boulder, Fort Collins, Arvada, Aurora, Lone Tree, Littleton, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Pueblo, Greely, Thornton, Fountain, Avon, Golden, Bloomfield, Parker, Longmont, and Loveland.

      All of these cities have made contributions to Brick Recycler, and they deserve a huge round of applause for their efforts.


      How Can You Help?

      If you live in Colorado or anywhere in the US and have some unused LEGO bricks lying around in your house, consider donating them to Brick Recycler. Not only will this help declutter your space, but it will also make a positive impact on the environment and various communities in need. Brick Recycler partnered with a great organization in Highlands Ranch, Colorado that sent them on to Uganda.

      To donate LEGO bricks to Brick Recycler, simply pack them without sorting or cleaning, and ship them. Brick Recycler now accepts Pokemon cards (but no other toys). You may want to even create your own Lego Drive to send pieces to Brick Recycler.

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