“What should I do with unwanted used Legos?”

LEGO donation is the answer! Donate your bins and boxes of used and new Legos. Don’t dump your Lego toys in the trash, or even in recycling bins. Lego pieces will sit for thousands of years and won’t safely decompose in landfills. Recycling centers can’t process them either. The great news is they are so durable they can be reused countless times, and children (and adults) around the world continue to love how creative they can be when given pounds and pounds of the World’s most popular toy.

Instead of keeping them in your garage, collecting dust because you think “you might use them some day”, you should be thinking “why shouldn’t I Donate Legos?” and put them back in circulation TODAY. If later on you find you really “need” more Legos there will always be literally thousands of tons for sale (new or used).

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What about Thrifts?

Many thrifts including Goodwills accept sealed sets, but few can properly handle incomplete sets or mixed pieces, and many thrifts mistakenly just dump in their recycling bins. Unfortunately, recycling centers across the US can’t handle these, due to many potential reasons. We researched every curbside recycling program for the top 30 cities in the US (serving over 30 million people) and got depressed. Down below, you can see some of the emails we received from curbside recycling centers describing what happens to these wonderful toys when people try to recycle Legos.

So many needs.

There are so many people longing for a few pounds of Legos, but seemly no one to connect them donors. Most of the time people and programs just go without them, or buy a few and hope the kids will be happy with what they get. Other times, organizations may get several huge donations, and not know what to do with the excess.

That’s how BrickRecycler.com was born…an organization whose mission is to match donors with those craving these wonderful (and inspiring) toys. People graciously have given their prized small collections, to very large (several hundred pounds), whether mixed pieces, or complete large collector architecture, or Star Wars sets, to robotic sets. See more on the Home Page.

“Pay it forward”, and continue the cycle of love, fun, creatively, and joy. Many kids have donated Legos they collected from friends and neighbors. It’s a great community service opportunity for youth to create their own Lego drive.

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