Brick Recycler was born out of the need to save millions and millions of precious pieces from ending up in the trash, or spending an eternity in dusty bins, just waiting for someone to play with them.

We accept donations from all over the US and match them up with needs all over the world. It’s amazing how desperate many are to get their hands on more of these, but it is hard to identify who want these, since organizations easily get “full” and can’t take any more. Places like hospitals, etc. can’t handle mixed up or “used” pieces either.

We have matched new and used pieces with countless organizations, and brought joy to so many. The biggest need we have now is spreading the word about our service.

Help us spread the joy of Legos, and help save the environment at the same time! Legos are extremely hard to recycle, since mixed sets contain a variety of: different types of plastics, metals (in axels, etc), chromed parts, electronics (wires, lights, motors), batteries (in tiny light modules etc., and magnets).

Some thrift centers will “accept” mixed Legos, but we found many simply dump in their “recycling bins” in the back. Then are shipped off to recycling centers, that then have to sort these out, then dump them in the landfill.

We are not a nonprofit organization ourselves. Perhaps we’ll pursue that status at some point in the future, but we are busy matching up needs for Legos with those who are no longer using them. We work with countless nonprofit organizations with 501(c) tax status and many “grass roots” organizations that spring up that send these toys to needy kids by packing them in their suitcases and taking them on trips they already have planned.

It is so fun to hear stories of the joy that children get from these great toys. There is no limit to what they can create.