Donate used LEGOⓇ pieces to give them new life and create smiles!  Donating is really the only way to “recycle LEGOs” because they are not made of recyclable materials. Brick Recycler solves this problem by putting these magical toys in the hands of those who will love them again. Donating is a wonderful way to pass on these bricks.


How it works

Just put your LEGO pieces in a bag, then in a box, and send to Brick Recycler at the Mountain View, CA address above.  No need to break down, make complete sets, sort, or wash!  Here are a few packing tips too. 

Most people simply mail in, but if you are near the SF Bay Area, Austin, or Sarasota we can meet up nearby if you email us your availability. 

We are now accepting Pokemon card donations as well (but not other toys or brands). 

For a limited time we are offering free shipping. Just click HERE. Please consolidate into fewer number of boxes (10 lbs min and max 50 lbs. per box). 

If you don’t need free shipping you can buy a shipping label for just $20/box since we get a great discount on shipping! You can use this link to buy a label or simply donate any amount to help cover shipping costs for those who can’t afford it. 

UPDATED: July 21, 2024

Many ask, “How do I recycle or give away LEGOs? What can I do with unwanted used LEGO?”

Just donate your used LEGO pieces or sets to (mixed up or in sets), so kids can replay!

Donate and recycle LEGO

You can make a difference to so many!

Transform Lives with Your LEGOⓇ Pieces!

Welcome to, where your LEGO toy donations spark joy and creativity in children around the world. Whether new or used, your LEGO pieces are worth so much since they can make a tremendous difference. Join our cause by donating LEGO toys – so future generations of children can enjoy the magic of creating with LEGO pieces. Yes, we are always in need of more pieces since we have so many requests!

Make a World of Difference

Your donations may travel far and wide, from bringing smiles to children in an orphanage in Zimbabwe, to supporting young minds in Brazilian educational programs. Each brick you donate becomes part of a story of hope and creativity and joy. For instance, in Flint, Michigan, we’ve witnessed firsthand how these toys lit up children’s faces, providing a much-needed respite through play.

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At a special request by a thoughtful officer stationed overseas, we sent many pounds of parts to an US army troop stationed in Honduras. The men and women stationed overseas may have been far away from their family during the holidays, but they were so excited to give these pieces as gifts to the local children. The smiles melted their hearts.

We also sent countless pounds or pieces and sets to special Children Homes set up around La Ceiba Honduras through GiveHope2Kids. We also sent many boxes of pieces to an orphanage in Mexico that had very few toys.

Here are some other organizations we have worked with to help them spread the love of learning and building, by finding the parts they need, when they need them.
• Help One Child and Compassion (for foster children)
• Countless Children’s Organizations
• Orphanages in Mexico and Honduras
• Hands of Hope (for Zimbabwe orphanage)
• Camp Opportunity (for at risk kids)
• Dozens of Clubs
• Many of children and adult “artists and architects”
• World History Classes
• A short film
• Children with Autism
• Schools serving very underprivileged children

Lego Charity
Don't put LEGO in the trash or Recycle

Eco-Friendly Recycling: A Greener Future

By choosing to donate these pieces, you’re not just decluttering and getting rid of them, you are promoting Reusing and Upcycling, and you’re actively reducing landfill waste. Since these timeless toys are not traditionally recyclable by any city recycling center, your decision to donate is an eco-conscious choice that supports our planet.

Your Impact: Stories of Joy and Learning

Whether it’s Lego robotic Mindstorm sets for budding engineers, basic bricks and figures, or even partial sets, all these are sure to provide countless hours of creativity when given to the next generation.

We have sent millions of pieces all over the US and to 3rd world countries, so your donations can reach far and wide. We’ve also responded to emergency situations, like sending 200 pounds to families affected by the fires in Northern California, offering a semblance of normalcy in times of turmoil.

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donae lego

The possibilities are endless:

We even bought some brand new Disney Princess Friends sets to send to an orphanage in Honduras from Amazon at 40% off list. We are planning on doing the same for the Marine’s Toys For Tots, and Sleep Trains’ toy drive for foster children. Last year we donated a large amount of school supplies for foster children via Sleep Train.

Donald’s Dream: A Journey of Hope for kids with leukemia

We are so inspired by Donald, a young leukemia warrior whose dream was to share the joy of LEGOⓇ with others battling illness. Through the “Build Your Journey” program at Children’s Mercy Hospital, we helped turned his vision into reality, offering LEGOⓇ sets to children as they brave through treatments. Your donations make moments of joy like this possible.

Teens taking on the challenge!!

Many teens have developed leadership skills by organizing a local Lego drive, and sent the pieces to us. That’s wonderful. We would like to spread the word that we fully support this. Review our website and let us know what you think. We hope you rate this highly.


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Future Generations Thank You!

Click here to read the incredibly inspiring donation story of a kid named Taylor! We have had youth who’ve sent Legos to us to be reused from CA, NY, NJ, PA, TX, MD, FL, IL, OH, MI, NC, VA, WA, GA, CT, and many others. San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Austin are just a few places that have shared the love.

Famous YouTuber

JANGBRiCKS is a famous YouTuber who helped us out so much by donating Ninjago sets he built for his YouTube unboxing channel said we could sell. These were sold to buy brand new sets for kids with Leukemia, (since they have weakened immune systems they need new sets)!

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You can also help spread the word by sharing your thoughts! Share on Social Media


Here is a list of cities with great donors. Here is more local info.

New York City, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Houston, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Antonio, Texas, San Diego, California, Dallas, Texas, San Jose, California, Austin, Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, Fort Worth, Texas, Columbus, Ohio, Charlotte, North Carolina, San Francisco, California, Indianapolis, Indiana, Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado, Washington, D.C., Boston, Massachusetts, El Paso, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, Detroit, Michigan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Nevada, Memphis, Tennessee, Louisville, Kentucky, Baltimore, Maryland, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tucson, Arizona, Fresno, California, Sacramento, California, Kansas City, Missouri, Atlanta, Georgia, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Omaha, Nebraska, Raleigh, North Carolina, Paramus, NJ, Bridgeport, CT, and Miami, Florida.

If you can spread the word about our great donation and waste management solution it would be wonderful. If you are a 501(c) corporation (schools, charity, etc.) and need pieces, let us know. LEGO© Group of Companies is awesome but not a sponsor. Thank you for making a difference by reusing the one of the world’s most popular toys. We accept donations from all over the US:, regardless of whether you are near or far: California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Washington, etc. All states. So wherever you are, regardless if you are in LA, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Francisco or San Jose California, we can use your pieces. We are not registered as a nonprofit organization yet. Our goal is to make use of these wonderful toys for rpelay, and giving to nonprofits or individuals, providing great outlets for using these to be used countless times. Small pieces not for children under 3 inspect all pieces by an adult. These are not recyclable so please don’t simply get rid of them, or even donate to a thrift that cannot use them. Organize your home for spring cleaning with your donation.