Many ask, "How do I recycle or donate my pounds of mixed up LEGOs!" 

Just email us at Yahoo address below, and we'll tell you where to send them, and even pay for postage if you want, if you are in the US. accepts donations of used loose LEGO bricks, figures, and sets. Simply put them in a bag, then in a box, and ship to us.

We carefully sort LEGO brand (small block type) pieces, prepare them to make them available to kids and clubs who can enjoy the thrill of LEGO pieces for the first time, or find that "missing pieces" they are longing for. 

Did you know LEGOs are not marked with the recycling symbol, and are "Type 7 Plastic" (ABS). If you dump them in your recycle bin your city will need to sort them out, and then just dump them in the landfill. 

Unfortunately most thrift shops end up dumping LEGOs unless they are in complete sets. 

Thanks for making a difference, passing LEGOs on to future builders. Please help pass the word! We just shipped off over 100 lbs of Legos for kids in Haiti this month!